Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mushkin Announces New Upcoming TAKE CONTROL Campaign with UBISOFT's Ghost recon Phantoms.

Austin, TX -- Mushkin Enhanced MFG, an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical computer products, today announced it's "TAKE CONTROL!" Campaign along side Ubisoft's popular title Ghost Recon Phantoms. Scheduled for a May 1st launch mushkin also plans to announce a new mystery addition to their products line up.

"DON'T LET THE ENEMY TAKE CONTROL! On May 1st, 2015, TAKE ACTION and gear up with Mushkin, as we introduce our latest addition to our already hardcore gamer ready product line up." said Nicolas Villalobos, Director, Global Marketing at Mushkin Inc. "For years now we have been the best bang for your buck memory and SSD manufacturer and I am exited to announce our latest additions on may 1st. As we will continue to offer hardcore gamers affordable, reliable, performance products."


Monday, April 13, 2015

High-Rely MediStor Healthcare Backup System Revealed

High-Rely MediStor Healthcare Backup System Revealed

High-Rely MediStor Healthcare Backup System Revealed

Computer Backup Systems Feature AES-256 Data Encryption and Conform to HIPAA Security Rules

CHICAGO, IL – 13 APRIL 2015 – Highly Reliable Systems, the innovative American-made computer backup storage experts, have today revealed their upcoming High-Rely MediStor backup system at the HIMSS Annual Conference in Chicago. Purpose-built for the healthcare industry, MediStor conforms to current HIPAA security rules and utilizes FIPS 140-2 compliant software. The High-Rely MediStor series features backup and disaster recovery (BDR) tools such as local and cloud-based virtualization, hardware-level AES-256 encryption, and unlimited cloud storage with up to 7-year protected retention at audit-ready network operations center (NOC) locations.High-Rely MediStor MC450 Healthcare Backup System
Revealed at the conference today are five models from the High-Rely MediStor series, each offering increasing levels of performance, capacity, and virtualization for Business, Professional, and Enterprise Class requirements. MediStor backup systems utilize Intel Xeon server-grade processors with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 to promote the ideal backup and disaster recovery appliance. MediStor maintains a local copy of backup data, and features encrypted replication to a HIPAA and FIPS compliant network operations center for redundancy. MediStor appliances feature up to 48TB of aggregate capacity, and offer unlimited cloud storage plans for as little as $125 per month.
"MediStor represents the closest thing to set-and-forget backup available for the medical industry. Our solution provides all the hardware, software, cloud storage, remote monitoring, and business processes to make HIPAA compliant backup easy and affordable. Each backup and disaster recovery appliance is bundled with Arcserve’s UDP imaging software, which has already been deployed to protect over 43,000 servers and workstations in 50 countries. MediStor is ideal for protected health information because it does de-duplication, encryption, replication, and has passed the government’s rigorous FIPS 140-2 testing" said Darren McBride, Chief Executive Officer at Highly Reliable Systems. "In addition, our U.S. network operation center has passed regular government audits, and reassures our clients that HIPAA security rule practices are being followed. With cloud storage, virtualization, and remote backup monitoring bundled into one low monthly price, we're confident this product will appeal to a broad spectrum of IT professionals and C-level executives."
MediStor features automatic drive mirroring with highly-removable media designed for daily rotation, and includes a fast SSD boot drive with plenty of space for de-duplication hash files. Arcserve Unified Data Protection software combines local backup with cloud replication in one complete solution, and works well with all popular operating systems and hypervisor platforms. High-Rely MediStor works seamlessly with Arcserve to provide FIPS 140-2 compliant data protection with no extra fees for Exchange or SQL, and unlimited encrypted cloud storage to our HIPAA compliant Network Operations Center in San Diego with file retention up 7-years and beyond for no additional monthly charge. MediStor includes managed and monitored backup service, plus always-available US-based tech support.

About Highly Reliable Systems, Inc.

Highly Reliable Systems is a talented group of engineers, technicians, and backup storage experts based in Reno, Nevada, USA, that have produced computer backup systems since 2003. High-Rely manufactures durable American-made server backup devices utilizing highly-removable drives with an auto backup system. Our purpose-built network attached storage devices feature Cloud replication with Reverse Cloud management, Scheduled Mirroring with air-gap security, and HIPAA compliant AES-256 data encryption. High-Rely NetSwap and RAIDFrame computer backup systems are cost effective, and work where Cloud server backup is not practical.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

OUT NOW: Kave XTD 5.1 Analog

OUT NOW: Kave XTD 5.1 Analog

 ROCCATEERs, meet TRUE surround sound! The Kave XTD 5.1 Analog has just dropped and it boasts a ton of improvements over its predecessor, the original Kave 5.1, the most successful real 5.1 surround sound gaming headset ever. With a focus on further enhancing sound quality, comfort and durability, the Kave
 XTD 5.1 Analog retains its pole position with a stunning design purpose built for those who know there is no substitute for real surround sound. Equipped with an interference isolator to eliminate unwanted noise, you can experience the fully immersive future of gaming audio the way you’re supposed to. Surrounded. Totally.
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