Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Closer Look: FUNC F-Series 10 Gaming Mouse Pad

The New F-Series 10 Gaming Mouse Pad from Func

Originally launched in 2005. Func's F-Series continues it's gaming legacy with the F10. The F10 is a single sided, semi hard mouse pad that uses a Polycarbonate material for the mouse pad surface not unlike Func's Surface 1030-2. The F-Series surface texture is a specially selected, low profile, textured polycarbonate that exhibits exceptional traction capabilities; also know as "F10.s"

F10.s is defined as a fine textured surface and is popular with those who prefer the feel of minimal traction. That to me sounds it should be great for fast paced, low DPI, MMO gaming and excelent for FPS gaming as well.

The F-Series is 2mm thick as opposed to the double sided Surface 1030-2 which is 4mm thick. The F-Series 10 also comes in two different sizes.

The F10 comes either as 38X29cm for the F-series 10 XL or, 33X25cm for the F-series 10 L.

Each F-10 comes with a two year warranty from the purchase date. So if it falls apart while you're under fire you should be covered.  I highly doubt that will ever happen though.

As with most modern gaming mouse pads you can wash this one down in the sink if it becomes clogged with sweat, tears, and Red Bull. And with a non slip rubberized backing it will stay where you put it.  The overall design is bold enough to stand out at your next LAN party but doesn't look to be too much of a distraction over all.

With a MSRP running between $22.95 for the F-10L and $25.95 for the F-10XL, the F-10 is a competitive option for gaming mouse pads and should fit nicely under the Christmas Tree this Holiday Season.

If you are a goal oriented gamer with simple, reliable, high quality gear in mind, then this should be the pad for you.

Over all I give the F-Series 10 Gaming Mouse Pad a thumbs up and hope to get one in to review in the very near future.

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